Montclair Women’s Club Kicks Off Zoom Series With Art Program

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Montclair artist Carol J. Cohn will lead a dynamic, collaborative art program on Oct. 29 as the inaugural offering of a new 2020-21 virtual season for the Montclair Women’s Club, which is welcoming its community back for the first time since February.

The club is reaching out to its community with “Among Friends,” a new monthly series of Zoom-based programs that will spotlight members who will share their personal passions, interests, and experiences.

In the first of the series, Cohn will present a virtual, participatory session in which audience members will be able to reflect upon and share experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic — an opportunity to capture its personal impact while invoking the power of art to heal individual and collective trauma. The program will be offered at 7 p.m. Thursday, October 29, via Zoom. (Advance registration required here. For more information, visit www.montclairwomen’sclub.org)

Cohn plans to incorporate the community-produced artwork into an original “time capsule” piece that captures the spirit and weight of this watershed moment in history. The original artwork will be displayed at the Montclair Women’s Club, and a copy of Cohn’s finished piece will be sent to the David J. Sencer CDC Museum in Atlanta for inclusion in its archive of COVID-19-related memories and materials.

“In its one-hundred-plus-year history, the Montclair Women’s Club has weathered the 1918 pandemic, the Great Depression, two World Wars and the dramatic changes to the lives of women brought by the modern era,” said Melissa Feinberg, the club’s program director. “Now this collaboration seeks to weave the current pandemic into that history, while tapping into art’s power to heal and strengthen the community as a whole.”

A longtime township resident and MWC member, Carol J. Cohn has served as director of the Yard School of Art and is the founder of the Montclair Art Museum’s SummerART program for children. She has exhibited pieces in solo and group shows and her work can also be viewed in Montclair at The Eclectic Chic Boutique, a consortium of over 30 local artists and artisans.

The Montclair Women’s Club (MWC) began in 1915, when a group of 23 women formed an organization “to develop individual efficiency, stimulate interest in current affairs, and encourage cooperation in all lines of progress.” The club, which opened its headquarters at 82 Union Street in 1929, is a member of the New Jersey Federation of Women’s Clubs (NJSFWC), part of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC). For a full list of programs, to become a member, or for information on renting club facilities, visit www.montclairwomen’sclub.org.

WHAT: Virtual Community Art Collaboration: Creating and Healing in the Pandemic

WHEN: 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 29, via Zoom link

COST: Free and open to all.

TO REGISTER: Advance registration required here. For more information, visit www.montclairwomen’sclub.org.

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