Newt Gingrich says Trump should study Pence’s debating style

Impressed by the vice president’s performance at Wednesday night’s debate, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said President Trump could learn a thing or two about the art of debating from his right-hand man.

Gingrich said Friday that Vice President Mike Pence was calm and that Trump should study the way he sparred with Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris ahead of at least one more scheduled debate with Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“I thought Vice President Pence did a remarkable job the other night, which I really hope the president will study,” Gingrich told Harris Faulkner on Fox News. “He wasn’t hostile. He just stayed on her. And I think, as a result, he had a very good evening. And the country had a much better sense of what a radical Kamala Harris is.”

Trump and Biden’s first presidential debate was on Sept. 29. The two were scheduled to meet for a second debate on Oct. 15, but Trump has said he will not attend after the Commission on Presidential Debates announced that the debate would be moved online in light of the president’s positive test for the coronavirus Oct. 1.

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