Old coupon brings back fond memories

COLUMBIA- A business honoring an outdated coupon is nothing new, but what if that coupon is from 2002?

For William Stone, it was no surprise when G&D Steakhouse honored the gift certificate he received over 15 years ago.

“Four or five years ago I went in and asked if it was good,” Stone said. “And the fellow who owned it said ‘yes.'”

That fellow was Angelo Aslanidis, who took over running the business from his father and restaurant founder, Gus.

Angelo’s son, Michael, took over running the restaurant since the pandemic hit.

If there is one thing in common among all three of the Aslanidis men, it’s a desire to take care of every customer.

“You treat your customers like your own family,” Michael Aslanidis said. “You want to take care of them, do the right thing.”

When Stone arrived at G&D on Saturday with his coupon, it brought back fond memories for Michael of his grandfather. The founder of G&D passed away four years ago.

“He was a good man,” Aslanidis said. “Hard worker, loving man, he’d give you the shirt off his back.”

The visit also brought back memories for Stone, who had planned on using his gift certificate to take his wife, Betty, out for dinner.

Betty Stone was a caretaker in Columbia. She passed away in 2005.

“I had a wonderful woman,” Stone said. “Wherever me and my wife went to, our kids went with us.”

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