Padma Lakshmi Reveals Her DIY Beauty Staples and the Secret to a Smudge-Proof Lip

Padma Lakshmi Reveals Her DIY Beauty Staples and the Secret to a Smudge-Proof Lip

“When I’m home, I make sure that half of my diet is fruits and vegetables,” says Padma Lakshmi. “I’m 51 and I think that’s why my skin now looks good because I’ve nourished it properly.” Along with her minimum intake of 2-3 liters of water per day and the regular consumption of yogurt Lassi for gut health, it’s clear Lakshmi has an inside-out approach to beauty. “People always ask me what I put on my skin and sometimes it’s not what you put on your skin topically,” she says, “it’s really what you put in your body.”

Food is also the star of her topical regimen, thanks to a DIY honey mask. “It has anti-inflammatory properties; it’s a smoothing agent and exfoliant,” she says, massaging the mask onto dry skin and gently tapping: “The suction pulls out all the impurities.” Lakshmi harvested this elixir from her own beehive, which sits nestled on her New York City terrace. 

As a food expert, model, and TV host, Lakshmi has spent years on camera, and she’s honed her makeup routine accordingly. She starts with a Laura Mercier primer and two shades of Armani Beauty’s Luminous Silk foundation to veil hyperpigmentation and even skin tone. “When I’m going on camera, I make sure my face is extra even but when I’m not on camera I don’t really wear that much makeup,” she says. “I try to let my skin rest.” 

For added coverage, she blends concealer with her fingers on her under-eye area, as well as around her mouth, chin, and forehead. She etches her brows with a Dior pencil with the help of a Zadro compact mirror, before sweeping a peachy bronze shade atop her lids. Her eye look is complete with purple eyeshadow on her lower lash line—“I love purple on brown skin; I think it actually acts as a neutral”—a subtle blue-winged eyeliner (a shade by Urban Decay that she can’t live without), and a coat of mascara. 

When it comes to lip color, Lakshmi reaches for matte products that won’t budge throughout a day spent eating—this time reaching for a duo by Nars and Clinique. She highlights her cheeks and Cupid’s bow (a tip from pro makeup artist Pat McGrath), then adds a soft contour, and a spritz of Tata Harper’s hydrating essence. Her homemade perfume—a blend of essential oils like neroli, geranium, rosemary, and black pepper—provides the perfect finishing touch.