Pandemic or not, there’s always a reason to love jewelry

Here are ways contemporary and classic to wear jewelry, whether on Zoom meetings, at intimate events, or simply just to pamper yourself at home.

With everything happening now, is it insensitive that you still want to wear jewelry? The answer is no. While many are no longer clamoring for Mariah Carey to bathe in her diamonds, or Heart Evangelista to parade in her favorite accessories, jewelry will always have a unique effect on everyone. If it makes you feel better,  why not wear it? I quote from Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor, “I’ve never thought of my jewelry as trophies. I’m here to take care of it and to love it, for we are only temporary custodians of beauty.” 

And that we all must be, a keeper of beauty. It may seem frivolous to keep aesthetic these days, but one thing is for sure. After we survive this pandemic, we’ll be thankful that we held on to beauty, whether in the form of a designer face mask, a flower in potted soil, or a piece of hand-me-down jewelry. 

Speaking of Elizabeth, there is one significant jewelry house associated with her during her golden days in the movies—Bulgari. It is undeniable how very fond the actress was with the Italian luxury brand. Evidence of it can be read in her book My Love Affair with Jewelry and seen in the famed movie Cleopatra, where she was photographed wearing the brand’s iconic emblem—the Serpenti.

“One of our first serpent watches appears on her in a photo from the set of Cleopatra. We know it was sold in 1962, but there’s no record accounting for who purchased it,” Amanda Triossi, former curator of the Bulgari Heritage Collection told the New York Times. “It’s a question mark. Who gave it to her?”

This time, the Roman maison is bringing glamor back with its 2020 collection “Multifaceted, Magnificent, Maximized,” featuring leather goods, metallic works encrusted with precious and colorful gemstones, and timepieces in contemporary shapes. Bulgari taps Filipino fashion stylist Pam Quiñones to give a few style tips on how to incorporate subtle elegance in everyday looks with pieces from its latest collection.

“I honestly don’t think there are any rules now to accessorizing, the same way that the rules have changed and evolved for fashion in general,” Pam tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “I only have very few rules in my styling book.”

Know what suits your tone

“First and foremost is to really get to know what your personal style is, what looks good on you and what doesn’t,” she says. “Once you know that, it is such a powerful thing.”

To Pam, when it comes to picking jewelry, it’s best to consider your skin tone. Morena skin sets a perfect canvas for rose and yellow gold, while a lighter complexion matches silver best.

Mix and match jewelry

After knowing your personal style, the next step is to go beyond it little by little. It can be done by experimenting and matching different kinds of jewelry. One example is by wearing a simple earring on one ear and a more elaborate design on the other to create an interesting way to frame your face—a tip you can apply for your next Zoom meeting.

“Once you master your style, try something new,” she says. “Experiment and try to evolve it, but still anchor it to your personal style.”

Layering is a good option

“The mixing of metal is another way to play on how you layer your jewelry,” Pam says. Stacking up bangles with watches, or layering necklaces in different kinds of metal and ranging in size, are some ways to add dimension to a look. Playing with contrasting aesthetics like mixing streamlined design with circular ones or partnering a masculine watch with a dainty bracelet can elevate your skill level in wearing accessories.

Make your bag a color statement

Another big trend Pam pointed out is the “Tone on Tone.” The perfect way to add an accent to a color-coded ensemble is through a statement bag. A splash of yellow can brighten a warm sunset-hued look. Mint green matches great with deep olives and other earth tones, while printed and textured bags are a way to add character to your LBD. Plus, you need somewhere to put your hand sanitizers for your quick trip to the office or intimate gatherings. Having a stylish handbag has its purpose. 

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