Pandora releases Star Wars-inspired jewelry collection

SINGAPORE – Pandora is releasing its much-anticipated 12-piece Star Wars-inspired collection, which is sustainably made from 71% recycled metals.

The 12-piece collection includes ten charms, a bracelet and an additional limited-edition collector’s charm.

“We wanted to tap into the futuristic yet vintage aesthetic of Star Wars that is well known from the original trilogy all the way to the new Disney+ series, The Mandalorian,” say Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli, Pandora’s VP Creative Directors.

“We worked hard to transform the pieces of Star Wars into jewellery using intricate design detailing and expert craftsmanship techniques.”

“Inspired by the Star Wars galaxy, this collection includes a variety of options for fans around the world to customise their looks,” said Paul Southern, Senior Vice President, Licensing and Franchise, Lucasfilm. “The collection succeeds in capturing the symbols and beloved characters of Star Wars and reimagining them in jewelry form.”

Fans will receive a free Pandora x Star Wars collectable box, with a minimum purchase of two charms for a limited time only from today till 11 October 2020. The box can hold a bracelet and up to four charms.

The new collection will be available in-store and online at Pandora starting today (1 October).

See some of the adorable charms below.

Pandora x Star Wars BB-8 charm, S$129. (PHOTO: Pandora)

Pandora x Star Wars C-3PO charm, S$149. (PHOTO: Pandora)

Pandora x Star Wars Darth Vader charm, S$99. (PHOTO: Pandora)

Pandora x Star Wars Lightsaber Double Dangle charm, S$99. (PHOTO: Pandora)

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