Patrick Leahy warns Amy Coney Barrett her confirmation will be harmful to women

Sen. Patrick Leahy told Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett that the country is concerned her appointment to the high court would be harmful to women and minorities.

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In his opening statement during the start of the confirmation hearings for Barrett, the Vermont Democrat told Barrett that people are scared their rights will be overturned if she gets on the court.


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“They’re scared that the clock would be turned back to a time when women had no right to control their own bodies. And when it was acceptable to discriminate against women in the workplace,” Leahy said. “They’re scared that at a time when we’re facing the perilous impacts of climate change, bedrock environmental protections are going to be eviscerated. And they’re scared that your confirmation will result in the rolling back of voting rights, workers’ rights, and the rights of the LGBTQ community to equal treatment.”

Barrett was nominated for the Supreme Court by President Trump last month shortly after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Republicans have sought to confirm her quickly before Election Day. Democrats have rejected the push and are advocating that the process should be put on hold until after the next president is elected.

If the Senate Judiciary Committee confirms Barrett’s nomination, she will need a simple majority of just 51 votes by the 100-member body of the full Senate. If a 50-50 tie occurs, it would have to be broken by Vice President Mike Pence.

If fully confirmed, Barrett would be the fifth woman in history to sit on the Supreme Court.

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