Prime Day deals on useful PC accessories you’ll be glad you have one day

Some of us use sale events like Prime Day to get discounts on big purchases—monitors, graphics cards, Instant Pots—but frugal gamers can also use the discounts to stock up on essentials like Ethernet cables and USB drives. You know, the things you don’t think about until you need them.

Below, we’ve collected deals on some everyday items you might consider nabbing during Prime Day (which is actually two days, and runs through Wednesday). If you don’t see anything you’re looking for, though, you can also search Amazon’s Prime Day deals as if it’s a department. Here are all the Prime Day discounts on HDMI cables, for example.

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Neewer MW-35 Metal Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand | $41.49 $25.99
Whether you’re streaming, playing games with friends, or just typing while in an online meeting, a quality mic arm can cut down on the extra noise that occurs when your mic is just sitting on your desk, and it’s easier to keep the mic close to your mouth while keeping your hands free. (Note: this stand isn’t compatible with the popular Blue Yeti mic, and doesn’t come with a pop-filter.)View Deal

First Alert Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Alarm | $54.99 $27.99 
Smoke alarms aren’t exactly an impulse buy (or a PC gaming accessory, exactly), but if you happen to need one, this is a good deal on one of the most popular and recommended brands. If your living space isn’t up to code, now’s the time to fix that. (You don’t have to speak to many PC gamers to find one who’s accidentally started a fire or two in their life.)View Deal

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