Religious Services Minister attends wedding in violation of guidelines – Inside Israel

Minister of Religious Services Yaakov Avitan on Tuesday evening participated in a wedding in which dozens of people beyond what is permitted were in attendance, Channel 13 News reported.

According to the coronavirus guidelines, up to 20 people are allowed to participate in a wedding, but this particular event was attended by more than 60 people.

Minister Avitan arrived at the venue long before the start of the wedding, attended the chuppah ceremony and chose to remain at the wedding despite the fact that he saw that the number of participants exceeded what is permitted.

Shas chairman Minister Aryeh Deri responded to the report and said, “I have just heard about the wedding that Religious Services Minister Rabbi Yaakov Avitan attended. This is a serious matter.”

“I reprimanded Avitan for violating the guidelines. The law is equal for everyone. The members of the government are obliged to keep all the guidelines,” he added.

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