Salma Hayek finds inner beauty focussing on Goddess Lakshmi. Post goes viral

Salma Hayek posing for a picture: Salman Hayek shared a picture of Goddess Lakshmi on Twitter.

Salman Hayek shared a picture of Goddess Lakshmi on Twitter.

Hollywood actress Salman Hayek shared Hindu Goddess, Lakshmi’s picture on Twitter and mentioned that she meditates focussing on the Goddess when she wants to connect with her inner beauty. Salma Hayek’s post has gone viral and has many likes and retweets.

Salma Hayek shared a picture of Goddess Lakshmi and wrote, “When I want to connect with my inner beauty, I start my meditation focusing on the goddess Lakshmi. Cuando quiero conectarme con mi belleza interior, comienzo mi meditación enfocándome en la diosa Lakshmi. #innerbeauty #hinduism #lakshmi (sic).”

Salma Hayek’s Goddess Lakshmi’s post has more than 24k likes and 7k retweets. Earlier in 2019, Avengers star Mark Ruffalo had shared a picture of a Hindu Goddess with some details of a meditation camp that he is supposed to attend. Another Hollywood star, Will Smith visited Haridwar last year, where he was seen taking part in the rituals and doing Ganga Aarti.

Salma Hayek along with Mexican directors Guillermo del Toro and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu has set up a fund to help and support movie industry workers out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic. The money helped technical workers like set, costume, sound and visual employees left without work after most productions stopped filming amid the pandemic.

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