See Megan Fox Wearing See-Through Lingerie As Clothing

By Douglas Helm
| 20 seconds ago

When it comes to Megan Fox’s Instagram, you can trust that she’s always going to bring the heat. The latest post she made sees her standing on a bed with a high bun and a feathery, see-through blue ensemble. According to her caption, the photoshoot was for some Good Mourning press she did a couple of weeks ago. Check out the Instagram post below:

These photoshoots always have a lot going on behind the scenes, and Megan Fox made sure to tag the artists who contributed, including Ricardo Horatio, Andrew Fitzsimmons, Ash K Holm, and Maeve Reilly. Recently, Megan Fox attended the Billboard 2022 awards, where she watched her paramour Machine Gun Kelly take the stage and perform. The two also starred in Good Mourning together, which is the movie Fox was promoting in the above photoshoot. The movie hit select theaters recently, but it is also available to rent or buy on-demand on several platforms. The movie is a stoner comedy starring Machine Gun Kelly, Becky G, Mod Sun, Dover Cameron, Pete Davidson, Whitney Cummings, and Megan Fox.

Good Mourning might be the last project we see from Megan Fox for a while. The next project on her release slate doesn’t come out until the summer of 2023. While a project can always come together before then, there’s no news about it currently. Her summer 2023 movie will be an animated effort called Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin. It tells the story of a Golden Dolphin process saving the Earth. In addition to Fox, the movie features the voice talents of Elliott Page, Gerard Butler, and Kate Winslet.

There are two projects that Megan Fox has coming up that could possibly release before the summer of 2023, as they don’t currently have release dates yet. Johnny & Clyde will feature Megan Fox as a casino crime boss that commands a demonic slayer. While this movie seems to have an interesting premise, it won’t be generating the same level of hype as her next blockbuster The Expendables 4. There are no plot details yet for The Expendables 4, but it will feature plenty of big-name action stars, just like its predecessors. The cast list includes heavy hitters like Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Tony Jaa, 50 Cent, Iko Uwais, Randy Couture, Andy Garcia, and more. The movie is also said to have a massive budget, so there are sure to be plenty of expensive action scenes and effects.

Both The Expendables 4 and Johnny & Clyde are in post-production, so it’s likely just a matter of time before we learn more about these projects and get a solid release date. Until then, you’ll just have to check out Megan Fox’s most recent film Good Mourning, or continue to see what she’s up to on Instagram. There aren’t too many reviews out for Good Mourning yet, but it looks like critics aren’t going to be huge fans and audiences are generally enjoying it. It probably just depends on how much you like Machine Gun Kelly and the list of cameos that appear in the movie.