She requested a gift, and I thought I’d misheard

DEAR MISS MANNERS: As a gift for a friend whose birthday is coming up, I have offered a complimentary stay at a condo I own in a beautiful, remote area. I could also watch her child during the trip, as our kids are the same age. Alternatively, the gift could be an outing on our boat.

Today, unprompted, she suggested I get her a facial at her preferred provider in town. I was a bit taken aback, and thought perhaps I misheard her.

I could understand if we had been discussing possible gifts at the time, but the suggestion out of nowhere seems presumptuous. Thoughts?

GENTLE READER: Yes, it is presumptuous. But we have developed a culture of allowing people to choose their own presents. Gift registries are so common now that the very idea of deferring to the donors’ ideas is deemed naive.