Staffing Shortages Force Tweaks To RMHS, Grades 3-5 Hybrid Model

READING, MA — Reading Memorial High School will start phased-in hybrid learning on Oct. 26 with Cohort B (grades 11 and 12), Superintendent John Doherty said Monday. Due to several teaching vacancies, the district is altering its hybrid model, with the biggest change being that students are in person two out of every 10 days versus four out of every 10.

RMHS will open with the following model:

  1. One week on/one week remote model. High needs students will continue to be in person both weeks. The one week in-person model is going to look a little different due to staffing vacancies.
  2. For the week of Oct. 26, approximately half of each class for Grades 11/12 will be in person for the entire school day on Monday and Tuesday. The other half of the class will be live-streamed into the class with a combination of synchronous and asynchronous lessons. Each class will switch on Wednesday and Thursday, with the students who were remote on Monday and Tuesday being in person and the students who were in person on Monday and Tuesday being remote.
  3. Grade 9 and 10 will be remote during the week of October 26th.
  4. Friday will be a remote day for all students.
  5. Grade 9 and 10 will follow a similar schedule for in person during the week of Nov. 2. Grades 11 and 12 will be remote that week.
  6. Principal Boynton will send out more information regarding which students will be in the Monday/Tuesday group and which students will be in the Wednesday/Thursday group.

Phased-in learning for grades 3-5 is expected to take on a similar model, Doherty said. This will likely be more challenging due to the developmental age of students, so administrators are developing a concrete plan this week. Once the district is able to hire more staff, it will transition to the original hybrid model for all impacted grades.

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