Family plans 100th birthday celebration for ‘Ms. Beauty’ | News

Little Beauty was a tiny baby born in rural South Carolina — a tiny little baby with tiny little hands. But her grandfather knew she would do something special with them one day.

Beauty was told that when she was born, she was so tiny and had very small hands. Her grandfather said, “those little hands will cook someday.” She shared that her grandfather always called her when he was finished eating, so that she could eat his leftovers. In those days, the chance to eat leftovers was a good thing because it suggested that a person was receiving special attention.

Nearly 100 years later, Beauty Richardson has fixed thousands of meals. She has been the family cook, a caretaker, a matriarch, spiritual beacon and community mother. She has carried out the official roles of dutiful daughter, sibling, wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

In a few weeks, she’ll take on

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