The Glorious Absurdity of Paris Fashion

It was the giant floating dachshund spaceship that did it.

It drifted over an expansive Art Deco coliseum — site of the 2132 Lunar Games, an intergalactic extravaganza supposedly taking place 239,000 miles from earth as men and women in 50 shades of intricately worked sporting whites flew the flag of hope — to close Thom Browne’s show.

It was ridiculous and charming at once, as was the scenario, which called to mind all sorts of things (“The Hunger Games,” the 1920s tennis star Suzanne Lenglen, “Chariots of Fire”). So too were the clothes: jackets and long pleated skirts and tops transformed into bottoms and bottoms into tops, all elevated by handwork into something actively precious. It took the postponed Tokyo Olympics and reimagined them not as a symbol of loss and stasis but as a symbol of possibility.

And it crystallized the absurdity of the whole exercise: of holding

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