How retailers can make online shopping accessible to visually impaired

  • The visually impaired are struggling to shop online independently during the pandemic due to visual barriers and inaccessible user experiences.
  • Generic product descriptions, unhelpful images, and an aesthetically pleasing user experience to the average eye aren’t compatible with the assistive technologies used by the visually impaired.
  • When these images and text fail to work with screen readers, screen magnifiers, and other technologies, important details are lost. 
  • While many online stores outsource expertise and comply with basic accessibility requirements, experts said inclusion needs to be considered from the beginning and in “the DNA of the brand.”
  • “A lack of these fundamental things are literal barriers to visually-impaired people, and it perpetuates the very damaging stereotypes that fashion isn’t for us and that disabled people can’t be fashionable,” Abi James-Miller, a visually-impaired filmmaker based in the UK, told Business Insider. 
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