Why Women Can’t Be Shy About Owning Their Accomplishments

Many women find it very difficult to talk forthrightly and forcefully about their abilities, accomplishments and potential—to promote themselves in obvious and effective ways. If you are such a woman, this reluctance is likely because you have been told since you were a little girl that you should not be boastful, self-assertive, or prideful. You have probably also been told that because you are a woman, you should be modest, reserved, and deferential. As a result, you may find it uncomfortable to actively promote yourself, to compete vigorously for career-enhancing opportunities, or to put yourself forward for desirable but challenging projects. Whether the career boost is a new job, a promotion, salary increase, or plum assignment, the person selected to receive it is likely to be the one who stands out, who has distinguished themselves in some way, or who has been noticed as exceptional. Thus, differentiating yourself from

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