5 Alexa Chung Street Style Outfits That I Still Want to Copy

I don’t like to sound like a screaming fan—I really don’t—but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I’ve been a big fan of Alexa Chung’s style for the last 13 years. Long before Instagram was even a twinkle in the internet’s eye and when Kim Kardashian was just another reality TV star, I was fawning over the quirky-cool stylings of young Chung in her Popworld and T4 presenter days. Over the intervening years, we’ve watched as her stardom has ascended: Chanel muse, It girl, fashion-week darling, and, of course, a fashion designer in her own right. Oh, how far we’ve come. 

While the world has changed and my personal style has evolved from teen to twenty-something, Chung’s sartorial appeal is unwavering. She continues to dole out winning ensembles to a new generation of fashion lovers, and I feel like it is a testament to her taste that

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