How Allbirds went from a Kickstarter campaign to $1.7 billion company

  • Sustainable shoe brand Allbirds has experienced massive growth since being founded by Joey Zwillinger and Tim Brown in 2016, with celebrities and Silicon Valley elites alike favoring the brand.
  • The company announced a new $100 million round of funding Friday, which increased its valuation to $1.7 billion from its previous $1.4 billion.
  • In just four years, the shoe-maker grew from a small operation making unconventional shoes into a fashion icon.
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Footwear unicorn Allbirds brought in $100 million in Series E funding led by Franklin Templeton, it said Monday.

That new round valued the company at $1.7 billion, up from its last valuation of $1.4 billion, the Wall Street Journal’s John Stoll reported.

The company’s famously comfy shoes have exploded in popularity since it was founded in 2016 by an ex-soccer player and a former biotech executive. The brand is known as a fashion

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Allbirds Just Launched a Brand New Style: Wool Piper

There’s something about wool that just immediately makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Maybe it’s the signal that colder weather is coming and I need to bundle up. Maybe it’s the idea of an adorable fluffy sheep. Whatever it is, wool makes me feel good. It’s at the heart of what Allbirds does with their shoes, creating styles that look and feel good made from merino wool. Now, there’s a new shoe in the mix: the Wool Piper. This lace up court sneaker is the one I’ll be wearing a heck of a lot this fall and winter.

All of Allbirds shoes (or at least the handful that I have tried) have been comfortable, breathable, and durable. Some have even been waterproof. What I love about the Wool Piper is that the shoes are casual but elegant. The wide set laces, soft wool, and strong sole with SweetFoam insoles give

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