Are Archival Pieces the Future of Fashion?

Heidi Klum famously intoned, “Fashion, one day you’re in, the next you’re out.” However, sometimes you might also make a comeback.

For fashion houses with a long and storied history, generations of pieces from past collections live in their archives. These archives tell a history of where the brand came from and are often a reference for designers to remember the brand DNA and create updated versions of pieces.

Lately, fashion brands have found a different use for archival fashion pieces, reissuing them for sale and featuring them in runway shows.

Storied American brand Coach recently announced that for the unveiling of its spring 2021 collection (which will take place digitally on September 22), new pieces by creative director Stuart Vevers will be paired with some of the brand’s past collections, and other items from the brand’s archives.

This is not only seen as a more sustainable approach to fashion—as

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