Black man who was led by mounted police using a rope sues over ‘slave’-style arrest

The Black man’s hands were cuffed behind his back as two white police officers on horseback steered him through the streets of Galveston, Texas. The mounted officers used a long blue rope to guide the man several blocks under the glare of the summer sun.

Footage of Donald Neely’s August 2019 arrest triggered a national outcry, with the scene drawing comparisons to the inhumane treatment of enslaved people in the 1800s.

According to Neely’s lawsuit, the way he was arrested made him feel “as though he was a slave.” The lawsuit, filed against the city and its police force last week, alleges that Neely’s arrest on suspicion of criminal trespassing was “extreme and outrageous.”

The police chief apologized, and the charges have been dropped, according to Neely’s attorney, Julie Ketterman. But Neely is now seeking up to $1 million in damages for emotional distress, malicious prosecution, and negligence after suffering

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Sunrise resident, 82, happily on house arrest, COVID-style

EVERETT — Michael O’Donnell is on house arrest, COVID-19 style.

For two weeks, he is confined to his room at Sunrise View Retirement Villa and Convalescent Center. No tossing a football with his buds or lap time with his little poodle pal Cricket.

He’s not complaining.

“If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime,” said O’Donnell, 82. “I’m happy.”

He knew the consequences when he left Sunrise on Sept. 20, for an overnight road trip with three family members to Westport to go ocean fishing.

The risk of exposure meant he would have to quarantine for 14 days without his dog, who is staying with another Sunrise resident able to take her outside.

“I broke the rules,” he said.

Long-term care facilities must follow strict guidelines to avoid the spread of the coronavirus due to the close living quarters. To date, there have been 779 cases in county

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