You Must Start Following These Asian Fashion Bloggers ASAP for Some Major Style Inspo

From Cosmopolitan

Honestly, I don’t think fashion bloggers get enough credit for what they do. Sure, anybody can put on some clothes and call it a day. But not just anyone can curate an outfit that is original, artistic, and appealing to the eye. It’s truly a talent to keep up with all the trends so effortlessly and I don’t know how these people do it! Especially so amazingly!!

Though there are thousands of style gurus all up on the Internet who are extremely gifted in le fashun, I gotta say, the 17 Asian influencers below are where it’s at! Each one has their own individual aesthetic—and they’re are all pretty damn exceptional at finding beautiful separate pieces and creating one, refined lewk. Scroll on down to smash the follow button, but warning: You will probs be doing a lot of screenshotting because their ‘fits are THAT fire.

Oh, and

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