Syracuse Women’s Lacrosse Commits Attacker Ryann Banks

Syracuse Women’s Lacrosse picked up another attacker in Ryann Banks. Banks goes to McIntosh High School and plays for Big 4 HHH. 

When asked “Why Syracuse?” Banks brings a very unique perspective with her answer.

“Well one of the questions my family goes through in the recruiting process is ‘If I blew out my knee freshman year, which school would I feel the most comfortable at?,” Banks said. 

In essence, Banks is thinking outside of lacrosse, which school she would truly want to live out her collegiate years at the most, a smart and mature way of thinking from someone her age. 

“Syracuse was my option for that just because the atmosphere was so great…we grew up there and it just feels like home to me when I’m there,” Banks said. 

Banks said that she was drawn to play for Syracuse because of the team and the coaches. 

On the

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