Is Fashion Week Happening? Yes, But It’s in 3D with Avatars

Scene from this year’s Helsinki Fashion Week that used 3D-generated models.

Evelyn Mora founded Helsinki Fashion Week in 2018 with the goal of disrupting an industry that she deemed woefully out of touch and rather boring.

The 28-year-old Helsinki native initially focused the show on sustainability by showcasing brands that could prove their green bonafides and hosting events in venues build with recycled materials.

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Evelyn Mora, 28, is trying to disrupt a fashion industry that she says is stuck in its ways.

Source: Evelyn Mora

And then when Covid-19 hit, she didn’t just broadcast the show online like other industry events, but instead took it into 3D. Models had their bodies scanned by computers to create avatars, and then designers, including Patrick McDowell and Tess van Zalinge, created digital clothes for them to wear down a virtual catwalk. Attendees, also using 3D avatars, visited shows and interacted

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