VW ID.4 will have 2,200lb towing capacity, 2,700 for AWD model

VW’s online configurator for the ID.4 is out, and a new detail has emerged about the car’s towing capabilities. It looks like all ID.4 models will have some towing capability, with the RWD model sporting 2,200lb capacity and the AWD model 2,700lbs. All models will have roof rails as an additional exterior storage solution.

The AWD model will be available mid-2021 as a $3,680 upgrade, for a base price of $43,675 before incentives.

The RWD and AWD models differ significantly in power, with the RWD clocking in at 201hp while the AWD should put out around 300hp. This difference in power, along with increased traction from an AWD drivetrain, should make the AWD more capable in towing situations allowing it to have a higher towing capacity.

The configurator states that the ID.4’s tow capacity should only be used with a braked trailer but suggests a visit to the Owner’s Manual

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