Beauty is in the app of the beholder

I’m not a selfie guy. Raising my hand and pointing my phone at my own face never quite felt natural to me. Sure, I’ve done it a bunch of times, but it never really got any less awkward. It never felt like me.

Because it wasn’t me.

There has long been whispers about phone cameras secretly post-processing your selfies to make you “more beautiful,” with the iPhone XS “Beautygate” scandal perhaps being the most notorious instance of this trend.

Critics have argued such automated edits fundamentally cultivate a culture of unobtainable beauty standards, which in turn leads to more extreme urges to manipulate our image — there are plenty of examples of pushing this beyond the norm in the popular Instagram versus Reality subreddit.

It seems Google has decided to take a stand against this tendency, though.

In a blog post, the company announced it will now disable selfie retouching

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