Regina King’s wins are ‘bittersweet’ and ‘sobering’ amid pandemic, BLM


Regina King was among the Emmy winners who used the remote ceremony to highlight the national struggle for social justice. The “Watchmen” star wore a T-shirt featuring Breonna Taylor. (Sept. 20)

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Regina King has been named one of Glamour’s Women of the Year and true to form, she’s using her spotlight to speak on social justice issues. 

Though King has had quite the successful year, from winning an Emmy for “Watchmen” to becoming the first Black woman director to have a film screened at Venice Film Festival, she says celebrating those wins amid the pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests of 2020 is “bittersweet” and “sobering.”

“I’m just allowing myself to be okay with being emotional and being honest about being emotional,” King tells Glamour in a cover feature published Tuesday. “I really think it’s really important to be honest about all the stuff that we’re feeling

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Bittersweet Gay Immigration Drama Finds Beauty in Real Life

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They say truth is stranger than fiction, but more often than not it’s much sadder too. Where fiction likes to wrap things up in a tidy bow, real life is all about calculated compromise. In the case of Iván Garcia and Gerardo Zabaleta, whose touching love story is dramatized in the timely drama “I Carry You With Me,” the choice between a life together in the U.S. or with family in Mexico has no clear-cut answers. The narrative feature debut of Oscar-nominated documentarian Heidi Ewing (“Jesus Camp”),

“I Carry You With Me” operates on three separate timelines, often jumping between with little rhyme or reason. Ewing intercuts footage of the real Iván, now in early middle age and a successful chef in New York City, alongside the talented actor (Armando Espitia) dramatizing his life as a young man in Puebla, Mexico, with occasional

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