This Glamorous Wedding Featured an Ivory, Black, and Blush Color Palette

“From the moment we locked eyes, I knew we’d be archenemies,” says McKenzie, who met Spencer during high school in Baltimore. For years they wished their mutual friends would drop the other from the group, but eventually they started to see what those friends saw. One weekend after college, McKenzie agreed to visit Spencer in Charlotte and, while there, he suggested an official date. Sparks flew. Almost two years later, having just moved together to Chicago, Spencer proposed at the Buckingham Fountain. They spent a year planning their DC nuptials, and decided to wed at the Carnegie Institution for Science, where McKenzie carried a bouquet wrapped with a piece of her mother’s wedding dress from 35 years earlier and the couple jumped the broom as newlyweds. Check out their glamorous wedding belowpsst it was also featured in our latest issue, which you can purchase here. 

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Biden’s Gift-Wrapped Union Agenda Would Make Bernie Blush

Attempting to assuage concerns that his candidacy for president is a stalking horse for far-left policies, Joe Biden recently reminded reporters in Wisconsin that he “beat the socialist” in the Democratic primary.

Indeed, Biden vanquished Bernie Sanders as a candidate; but the Vermont senator can take pride in the fact that his policy agenda has all-but-conquered key components of Biden’s platform, including the former vice president’s plan to revitalize labor unions.

In a gaffe-ridden livestream on Labor Day, Biden told the AFL-CIO that, if elected president, he’d ensure unions would “never have a better friend or a stronger ally in the White House.” Indeed, Biden backs a suite of far-reaching proposals that would benefit both private-sector and government unions while harming American workers, businesses, and taxpayers.

In July, the “Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force” released a list of progressive policy recommendations for Biden’s campaign. The presidents of each of the

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