German Style Boardgames – A Fear of Whales

Juergen Moltmann said that the way to change the world is by playing games.

So I want to talk a bit about the Board Game Renaissance. That is going on in the world right now, and it’s theological importance. A lot of it comes from a new way of thinking about board games, which began in Germany and has since expanded internationally.

American Style board games like Battleship, Risk, and Monopoly, tend to feature militaristic themes, with direct player interaction, player elimination and zero-sum win conditions. This is not only emblematic of certain cultural values, it’s also practically problematic especially in family situations because “Daddy just shot you dead and now you can’t play, you have to sit and watch Daddy and Mommy destroy each other” isn’t fun and doesn’t lead to happy memories.

Monopoly in particular was devised as a thought experiment to teach children how horrible and destructive

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