Breastfeeding Salma Hayek Had to Model This Dirndl After Losing a Bet & the Photos Are Hilarious

Hey, did you briefly make the mistake of forgetting that Salma Hayek is both the hottest and coolest woman on the internet? No problem, she’s got a reminder ready and waiting — this time, with a throwback to a gloriously weird German talk show that involves making their celebrity guests complete outrageous challenges when they lose a bet. Hayek, always willing to poke fun at herself (and yes, post the occasional thirst trap, because with that body it would be criminal not to), shared her own punishment for losing a bet in a hilarious new Instagram video: squeezing into a traditional Bavarian dirndl at the specific request of Karl Lagerfeld. While Hayek modeling a dirndl on any old day is definitely a TV-worthy appearance, this situation was made a slightly tighter squeeze by the fact that she was still breastfeeding daughter Valentina at the time, the actress explains. And the

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