Where you can buy Amazon gift cards, and how to customize them to make the perfect gift

Amazon gift cards can be bought both online and in stores. GaleanoStock/Shutterstock

© GaleanoStock/Shutterstock
Amazon gift cards can be bought both online and in stores. GaleanoStock/Shutterstock

  • With millions of products for sale and dozens of services offered, an Amazon gift card is as good as cash, but perhaps even easier to spend.
  • You can purchase physical Amazon gift cards at many brick-and-mortar retailers, if you want an actual item to give as a gift.
  • Internet-based Amazon gift cards make the gifting process even easier: You can purchase an “eGift” card online and have it delivered right to your recipient’s email inbox.
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When you give someone an Amazon gift card, you’re giving them the gift of clothes, food, fishing gear, cat litter, AA batteries, or any of the other millions of products sold via this massive online retailer.


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In short, if something is not available on Amazon, it’s probably not available on

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Where To Buy Mattel’s Susan B. Anthony Barbie And Other Inspiring Women Barbies

Mattel (MAT) is paying tribute to heroines of the world with a line of Inspiring Women Barbies that will now feature Susan B. Anthony.

Anthony, who was a trailblazer for women, was arrested in 1872 at her Rochester, New York, home after she voted in the presidential election, which sparked the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920, giving women the right to vote. She was pardoned by President Trump in August.

Mattel said the new Barbie collection “pays tribute to incredible heroines of their time.” The company continued by saying these “courageous women took risks, changed rules, and paved the way for generations of girls to dream bigger than ever before.”

The Anthony Barbie features a doll in a floor-length black dress that is accented with lace on the long sleeves and bodice. She has a cameo brooch that fastens her lace collar and is packaged in a specially-designed

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Buy a $100 Netflix or Hulu gift card to get a free $10 Best Buy reward

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SCORE A FREE GIFT CARD: As of Oct. 5, Best Buy will give you a free $10 e-gift card with the purchase of a $100 Netflix or Hulu gift card anytime through Oct. 8.

Fun fact: The long Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend in November is typically one of the only times of the year we run into discounts on popular streaming services’ plans. (Flashback to 2019, when Hulu gave away one-year subscriptions for just $2 a month and annual Disney+ plans were $10 off. Good times, good times.)

No word yet on whether any streaming services will be gracing us with discounts for Amazon Prime Day come Oct. 13 — you might have to hold out

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Emily In Paris Is Full Of Fashion Moments. Here Are The Looks You Can Still Buy.

With nods to Sex and the City, the fashion in Emily in Paris, a new 10-episode show on Netflix, is (unsurprisingly) full of sartorially covetable moments. From a sheer blouse featuring the Eiffel Tower that the American protagonist, Emily (Lily Collins), wears to her first day on the job in Paris to the deconstructed haute couture dress she dons for an auction, the looks come from a noteworthy list of designers.


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While there are some pieces that Sex and the City‘s Patricia Field (in collaboration with French costume designer Marylin Fitoussi) created specifically for the show, in a refreshing move for the costume world, most of the clothing is from current brands. What’s even better than the fact that viewers can get their hands on the styles from Emily in Paris is that it’s not all Chanel and Christian Louboutin (though the two do feature

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Looking to buy a new car? Auto industry is rebounding from pandemic shortage, but you still may need to wait till 2021 for next year’s model.

The hardest part about buying a new car during the pandemic may be finding a new car.

a person standing in front of a car: Mechanic Mark Petrauskas performs a repair on a customer's vehicle in the service department at the Packey Webb Ford dealership in Downers Grove on Oct. 1, 2020.

© Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune/Chicago Tribune/TNS
Mechanic Mark Petrauskas performs a repair on a customer’s vehicle in the service department at the Packey Webb Ford dealership in Downers Grove on Oct. 1, 2020.

While the automotive industry is showing signs of recovery, months of production stoppage, supply chain interruption and stay-at-home disruption has left many Chicago-area dealers with few new cars and lots of empty spaces.


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Adding to the inventory shortage, the new model year — an automotive rite of fall — has yet to hit showrooms in any significant numbers. Many 2021 models may not actually arrive until 2021.

“It’s kind of hard to sell from an empty cupboard when you don’t have any new vehicles,” said John Webb, a principal with family-owned Packey Webb Ford, a 58-year-old Downers

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The Jo Malone beauty advent calendar is now available to buy

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Jo Malone products have dominated the Christmas lists of beauty and homeware lovers for years.

The brand is a cult classic among those who like their homes to smell as sweet as their baths, and the ever-expanding product lines means there is always something new to discover and pair with old favourites. 

The best way to give yourself a taster of new scents and feel nostalgic about much-loved old ones, is the Jo Malone beauty advent calendar. 

A sell-out every year, Jo Malone’s beauty advent calendar is the pinnacle of the fragrance brand’s festive collection, which for 2020, is all about celebration and parties.

This year, the much sought-after calendar features the distinctive Jo Malone

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Balance Athletica’s new Harmony collection: Where to buy

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These days, athleisure brands strive to be the most coveted by having incredible pricing, smooth fabric and long-lasting products. Few meet those expectations and more, but one in particular do and they just dropped a brand new collection that’s quickly selling out.

On Monday, Balance Athletica debuted their Harmony collection, and it features a sunrise inspired color palette creating a sense of calmness (which is something we all need these days). This new capsule is manufactured with Balance’s compressive, premium seamless material, making it simple to mix and match each look. The darker black and navy seamless fabric boasts a tighter compression, while the light colored fabrics are designed with a stretchy and softer compression.


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Best Buy closed down stores in the pandemic. People kept shopping

When the coronavirus started spreading in the United States in March, Best Buy chief executive Corie Barry moved quickly.

a sign in front of a house: Best Buy has been one of the few retail winners in the pandemic.

© Johnny Louis/Getty Images
Best Buy has been one of the few retail winners in the pandemic.

Barry made the decision to voluntarily close the company’s 1,000 stores across the country, putting it at a major disadvantage as consumers flocked to other chains that sold electronics like Walmart and Costco, or ordered online from Amazon.

Barry could have kept stores open in some areas where Best Buy was considered an essential business because it sold products that allowed people to work and go to school from home. But customers and employees were scared, she said in an interview, and the company had “very little real empirical data about how to keep people safe.”

a woman smiling for the camera: Best Buy CEO Corie Barry decided to close stores in the early stages of the pandemic.

© Courtesy Best Buy
Best Buy CEO Corie Barry decided to close stores in the early stages of

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STORE Capital: Buy The Superior Business Model (NYSE:STOR)

STORE Capital (STOR) is an undervalued REIT with great long-term prospects, despite the currently challenging times. It is prudently managed and has been able to navigate the downturn without cutting its dividend. I believe it is well positioned to return to its late 2019 glory once we leave COVID-19 behind us, and that the current market price reflects the risks faced by its tenants, rather that the risks of STORE itself.

A superior business model

The company operates in the triple net lease space, where the tenant pays for all the expenses related to the property (taxes, insurance, and maintenance). STORE stands for Single Tenant Operational Real Estate, and it summarizes the company key feature: It leases to individual tenants, so a single default does not affect the others (as opposed to what would happen in a mall). Occupancy rates in the industry are close to 100%, and STORE is

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