Here’s how to get $10 just for buying an Amazon gift card on Prime Day

Amazon Prime members are in for a treat this week. It’s officially Prime Day, and right now Prime members can score discounts in just about every product category from tech to fashion, furniture, appliances, and much more. There are even ways you can save on future purchases. We’ve already wrote about how you can easily earn up to $160 in Prime Day credits to be used during the two-day sale, and all of those offers are still live, though now you can earn another $10 from Amazon just for shopping during Prime Day.

Through October 14, Amazon is offering a $10 promotional credit to Prime members who spend $40 or more on Amazon gift cards and use promo code GC20PRIME during checkout. The $10 credit will be sent within two days after your purchase, which means you shouldn’t expect to use it on any Prime Day purchases. However, Black Friday

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I’m a Beauty Editor, and These Are the 11 Products Worth Buying on Amazon Prime Day


It’s time—Amazon Prime Day is finally here! It’s the time of year when Amazon majorly slashes prices on some of its most in-demand products. As a beauty editor, my eyes immediately go toward skincare, haircare, makeup, and beauty tools as I scour for the best steals, and this year, I found so many good ones.

Since there are thousands of beauty products on sale this Amazon Prime Day, I did the homework for you and rounded up 11 of my must-have products. From the at-home laser hair removal device that keeps my skin fuzz-free and the liquid eyeliner that stays put no matter what, to the hair products that keep my hair super-shiny and the facial cream that makes me feel like a French girl, here’s what’s worth your hard-earned cash.

1. Remington IPL Hair Removal System

hellogiggles Available at Amazon

The best time of year to get laser

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How COVID-19 has changed grocery shopping: Buying more, fewer trips and more online ordering

Laura Rowe has set foot in a grocery store twice since March.

The Hampden Township mother of three children recently settled back into a weekly shopping routine after months of relying on Instacart delivery and curbside pickup at Weis Markets. It’s easier now that two of her children are back in school.

“We’ve been stuck at home with the kids and trying to limit our exposure,” Rowe said. “There were a lot of unknowns. We were trying to stay safe and keep everyone at home.”

A lot has changed since the early days of the coronavirus pandemic when shoppers rushed to supermarkets to stock up on toilet paper, wipes and hand sanitizer. Others, cautious about venturing out, turned to online searches for curbside pickup and delivery options.

For the first time in decades, Americans were spending more on groceries as dining habits shifted away from eating out at restaurants, sports

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The Only Turntable Worth Buying If You Want Killer Sound and Style

Photo credit: Allie Holloway
Photo credit: Allie Holloway

From Esquire

Shop $179,

Welcome to The Esquire Endorsement. Heavily researched. Thoroughly vetted. These picks are the best way to spend your hard-earned cash.

I like to have things. Things that are tangible. Some call that collecting. I call it having things. So it was only a matter of time until I got into vinyls—collecting my favorite albums, and picking up video game and film soundtracks. I also love bragging about my things. Finding artful ways to show them off. That’s why I needed a kickass record player, to show off my cool (and, to be fair, also not so cool) records. Finding that player was hard, because while I know a lot about tech, old-school audio is lost on me, and most players on the market seem gimmicky, putting huge emphasis on “all-in-one packages” or “vintage sound,” which really just translates to

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People are shopping for groceries less often but buying more items, Tesco said, as it reported rising pre-tax profits of $709 million

a man standing in a room: New Tesco CEO Ken Murphy. Ben Stevens/Parsons Media/Handout via REUTERS

© Provided by Business Insider
New Tesco CEO Ken Murphy. Ben Stevens/Parsons Media/Handout via REUTERS

  • Tesco’s total revenues grew 8.6% in the six months to August, it said on Wednesday, thanks to a surge in online shopping during the pandemic.
  • In the UK, online sales at the grocery giant nearly doubled in the quarter to August.
  • Customers favored Tesco’s smaller, local stores over its larger supermarkets, it said. People are shopping less often — but buying more.
  • Tesco’s operating profit fell 4.5% in the first half of the year, reflecting the £533 million ($686 million) it spent on its COVID-19 response, but it posted a 28.7% jump in pre-tax profit to £551 million ($709 million).
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British supermarket giant Tesco has reported rising sales and pre-tax profit, largely thanks to the boom in online grocery shopping during lockdown.


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People are shopping less

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Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Nontraditional Wedding Band

The traditional simple gold wedding band has its admirers, but it’s not for everyone—male or female. Maybe it’s your sense of style that makes you not want to wear a gold band. Maybe you don’t feel a need to follow tradition. Maybe it’s simply your personality. Fortunately, there are several alternative styles of wedding bands available. Here’s a guide to finding the best nontraditional wedding band for you and/or your loved one.

a close up of a hand: If you’re worried about losing valuable jewelry or just don’t like to wear precious metals and stones, a nontraditional wedding band might be for you.

© Provided by Interesting Things
If you’re worried about losing valuable jewelry or just don’t like to wear precious metals and stones, a nontraditional wedding band might be for you.

a close up of electronics: This model is flexible, making it ideal for those with large knuckles or swollen fingers.

© Provided by Interesting Things
This model is flexible, making it ideal for those with large knuckles or swollen fingers.

Jimmy Fallon probably wishes he was wearing a silicone wedding band when he suffered a ring avulsion to his ring finger. The painful injury, caused by his wedding

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9 Beauty Advent Calendars We’re Buying Early (Before They Sell Out)

When it comes to holiday beauty gifts, there are limited edition bundled sets and then there are advent calendars. These epic boxes are singular in their packaging — which you’ll want to repurpose for years to come (my mom puts mini chocolates in them) — never failing in delivering that festive wow factor. Not to mention, beauty brands go especially hard when it comes to filling their advent calendars with a more-is-more approach. And, if past seasons weren’t enough proof in the product pudding, then brace yourselves for 2020’s holiday haul.

Whether you’re a makeup maven or a skin-care savant, there’s an already dropped and specially curated box out there with your name on it. The holidays have come early, and we are more than okay with it — because these limited-edition gifts are sure to sell out long before December rolls around. Scroll ahead to peep our hand-picked selection

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