Minneapolis Sisterhood of the Traveling Wedding Dress catches on

When her photographer heard what Tina Nguyen was doing, she decided to lend her own dress as well. Then the two of them put the call out.

MINNEAPOLIS — One Minneapolis woman’s decision to offer her wedding dress up to other brides is catching on.

Tina Nguyen knows she was lucky to have a dream wedding in September of last year. As she watched other couples navigate the shifting sands of getting married in a pandemic, she wanted to do something.

A daughter and granddaughter of powerful women, Tina is an immigrant from Vietnam and knows what it is to be helped by others – and to help others. She says she learned from her grandmother to always lift up other women.

“She always reminded me of where we came from, the struggle,” Tina said. “She’s like, you are privileged to live in a life that you currently have, and

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