Woman, 32, calls off her wedding with a GHOST after he ‘changed’ on holiday

A woman who claims she was engaged to a ghost has revealed that she called off the wedding, after her spirit fiancé ‘changed’ on a holiday to Thailand. 

Amethyst Realm, 32, from Bristol, met the love of her life, a spirit called Ray, on a trip to Australia in 2018, after claiming to have had several sexual encounters with ghosts over the years. 

The pair had planned to get married and have a baby, but appearing on This Morning today, Amethyst revealed that she’s called off the big day, after a disastrous holiday last May, where she suspected her fiancé of ‘drinking and doing drugs’. 

After ‘falling into he wrong crowd’ of spirits, he would bring back various unknown ghosts into their hotel room, and eventually she had to resort to kicking him out of their house by cleansing her home with sage.   

Amethyst Realm, 32, from Bristol, pictured in

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How COVID-19 has changed grocery shopping: Buying more, fewer trips and more online ordering

Laura Rowe has set foot in a grocery store twice since March.

The Hampden Township mother of three children recently settled back into a weekly shopping routine after months of relying on Instacart delivery and curbside pickup at Weis Markets. It’s easier now that two of her children are back in school.

“We’ve been stuck at home with the kids and trying to limit our exposure,” Rowe said. “There were a lot of unknowns. We were trying to stay safe and keep everyone at home.”

A lot has changed since the early days of the coronavirus pandemic when shoppers rushed to supermarkets to stock up on toilet paper, wipes and hand sanitizer. Others, cautious about venturing out, turned to online searches for curbside pickup and delivery options.

For the first time in decades, Americans were spending more on groceries as dining habits shifted away from eating out at restaurants, sports

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After Vikings copied Seattle’s offense, Seahawks changed things up

When the Vikings pulled into Seattle for a Monday night game in December 2018, they were at the height of their existential crisis on offense.

Only a Dalvin Cook touchdown with 1:10 to play kept them from being shut out for the first time since 2007, and the morning after their 21-7 loss to the Seahawks, coach Mike Zimmer fired first-year offensive coordinator John DeFilippo after months of disagreement about the direction of the offense.

According to Sharp Football Stats, the 2018 Vikings threw the ball 55% of the time on first and second down in close game situations (leading or trailing by seven points or less). That ratio was tied for the eighth-highest in the league; the Seahawks team that beat the Vikings that night threw the ball in such situations less than any team in the NFL.

“Just some beautiful football,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said that night,

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With his signature guitar style, Eddie Van Halen changed rock music

The legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen has died aged 65. One of the most influential guitarists of the modern age, Van Halen was known for his mastery of the two-handed tapping technique and for bringing the virtuosic rock guitar solo back into the popular music mainstream in the late 70s and 1980s.

One of the great innovators, Van Halen formed a bridge between 1970s rock styles and heavy metal sounds of the 1980s. He delivered his best work with a nonchalance that belied the training and dedication driving him and his band to succeed.

Born in the Netherlands in 1955, Van Halen came from a musical family. His father played saxophone and clarinet professionally and ensured Van Halen and his older brother, Alex, started piano lessons from a young age.

The boys’ training in classical music and theory would influence Van Halen’s guitar playing, particularly the famous two-handed, finger tapping

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How returning to India changed the way I consume beauty

beauty month indian beauty

If our skin is a reflection of our inner wellbeing, then caring for our skin should be inseparably entwined with caring for our overall health. My beauty journey began right before I moved to the United Kingdom roughly four years ago. I remember stepping into a Boots store for the first time, staring at the Elizabeth Arden aisle, attempting to make sense of what all the products do. I ended up buying an armful: a cleanser, a hydration spray, a few sheet masks, and a thick moisturising face cream.

I wasn’t certain of what I was getting into, yet the tiny progressions these products brought to my skin had me suddenly fixated on beauty and skincare. Not only did I began feeling great about my skin, but I felt more confident and optimistic from the inside as well as the outside.

Ever since that first transformative foray into the world

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The Crown changed this detail on Princess Diana’s wedding dress

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  • We are mere weeks away from the much anticipated release of Season 4 of The Crown, which will cover one of the major events in the history of the royal family: Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding in 1981.

    In a teaser released last month, we got a small glimpse of the back of the iconic wedding dress, which was recreated for actress Emma Corrin.

    Emma also told Vogue that the reaction to her walking onto the set in the gown was pretty priceless, ‘I walked out and everyone went completely silent. More than anything else I wear in the series, it’s so … It’s her.’

    Now we’ve finally been given an official first look at it, and

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    Susie Lau: ‘The world has changed and so must fashion’ | Fashion

    Back in mid-March, I was in full-throttle fashion mode. I had just finished up the autumn/winter shows marathon, shuttling from New York to London, and more precariously to Milan, where Giorgio Armani cancelled his show on the final day and cases of Covid-19 in the Lombardy region were rising rapidly. But in Paris, the final leg of fashion month, we were in a suspended state of decadence – going through the motions of attending shows, cocktail and dinner parties with a few scant masks floating around. By the time I finally returned to London, most of Europe had already gone into lockdown; still, fashion went on. The opening of a JW Anderson store in Soho marked the last time I got to hug friends in a crowded bar and wear a super-shiny dress out on a bustling street. We drank our cocktails like they would be the last enjoyed

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    Seven Plus-Size Fashion Trailblazers on the Future of the Industry and How Much It’s Changed

    Fashion’s future is already here. This September, we ask What Is Fashion Now? by exploring the people, concepts, and ideas that are pushing us forward in times of unprecedented change. In this story, we talk with seven plus-size fashion trailblazers about how far the industry has come and what they hope to see change. 

    There is no longer a question about whether or not plus-size fashion is “worth the cost.” Over the past decade, trailblazers within the industry have proven it is, growing the market, now worth more than $21 billion, and sparking an intersectional movement that cannot be silenced.

    But the journey to now has been far more complex. Yes, the success of mainstream models like Ashley Graham and Paloma Elsesser has brought size inclusivity to the runways. But since 2008, numerous individuals — mostly Black women — have paved a path for the next generation of size inclusive

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