Colorful Murals Spread Awareness of Endangered Animal Species

Murals by Louis Masai

The animal kingdom is filled with fascinating species of all shapes and sizes. However, many of these creatures are facing endangerment and even extinction due to the devastating effects of climate change. That is why one artist is using his creative talents to spread awareness for these vulnerable species. Based in London since 2010, Louis Masai creates striking large-scale murals of rare and endangered animals.

Masai’s artwork is immediately recognizable for its bright, graphic style. He uses large blocks of colors and patterns to build up each subject and create a type of patchwork effect. Stripes, flowers, and fruits are just a few of the motifs commonly found in his projects. As a result, these animal murals often resemble plush quilted toys. In most of Masai’s murals, the viewer can also spot a large bee carrying a needle and thread that leads to the “stitched” animal. This is intended to

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Colorful fall in store for Ohioans, says ODNR’s “fall color forester”

Sheridan Hendrix
| The Columbus Dispatch

Leaf peepers should find a traditional color season this fall.

In a year in which so much has been canceled or postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ohio Department of Natural Resources Forester Jamie Regula said one thing is still certain: Fall is here, and the leaves are changing with it. 

Regula works most of the year as a state services forester, helping landowners manage their woodlands. But as autumn approached this year, Regula was bestowed the seasonal title of “Fall Color Forester.”

But what exactly does a Fall Color Forester do? And how do they predict how the leaves will change?

They look at lots and lots of data.

Any fall foliage predictions for a specific area begin with analyzing thousands of different data points on past weather conditions, average light exposure, latitude and altitude, and tree species.

Regula and her ODNR colleagues 

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Shop Colorful Accessories Inspired by Street Style Stars

Although, for obvious reasons, nearly everything about the spring 2021 shows was markedly different than years past, good style remains as timeless as ever. This season, attendees in London, Paris, and Milan accented their ensembles with bright, eye-catching accessories. From colorful neon earrings to eye-popping specs, these lively adornments add a playful feel to otherwise buttoned-up outfits. And it’s a tip easily applied to our own wardrobes, even while staying put at home. Liven up an outfit with a pair of bright shoes or a day glow hair accessory—talk about a low lift with a high reward. Below, shop five of this season’s standout colorful accessories.

Photographed by Acielle / Style Du Monde

Neon Earrings

Coordinate your neon green earrings with your shoes, or let them stand out on their own.

product image

Eera Chiara 18kt white-gold and diamond single earring

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Alison Lou aqua thin medium jelly hoop earrings

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Bea Bongiasca tendril

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