Fall golf gift guide 2020: Minimal bags, fitness devices, comfortable shoes top this year’s list

Fall is here, and the holiday season is right around the corner. This year’s fall golf gift guide includes a few tried-and-true items but also a couple of newcomers to the category. From clothing and clubs to shoes and technology, there is something for everyone no matter their age or experience level.

Hope you enjoy perusing either for yourself or someone in your life who you think could use some new golf gear. The items below have been chosen from a variety of categories so as to ensure there are great options at multiple price points.

Whoop Band ($30/month | Whoop): I’ve been wearing one of these for the last two months, and I love it. Because I work out almost daily and have started caring more about how much sleep I’m getting, the Whoop device provides the feedback I want for how fit I am in the present and

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‘My only clothing advice is to be comfortable’

Video: Ridiculous 999 calls WMP (Birmingham Mail)



It’s funny seeing your name on a label or shopping bag. Sometimes I’ll see it on someone’s tote bag on the tube and that’s a surprise, though I’m very glad they’re using our bags. I always hope they don’t see me because it’s guaranteed I’ll be looking shabbier than them.

My dad told me that if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. I hate a job half done. Even if it’s housework, you have to do a thorough job. I don’t have a dishwasher because I prefer to do it myself.

I don’t mind old age apart from the aches and stiffness creeping up. But I still surprise myself by getting the giggles.

Even though I live on my own, I cook myself a proper meal every night because I’m always ravenous. I love Japanese rice

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11 of the Most Comfortable Clothes for Work and WFH

In 2020, getting ready for work has become a weird phenomenon. Our usual office-friendly outfits have been replaced with more comfortable alternatives (looking at you, leggings), and now that all IRL meetings are taking place via Zoom, wearing pants at all has become completely optional. But if months of lounging around in sweats has left you yearning for something a bit more “business” than “casual,” we’ve got you with some of the most comfortable clothes for work money can buy.

Below, we’ve rounded up some cute, cozy staples that you’ll want to wear long after you return to the office. Rest assured, these staples are perfect for any work situation—even the ones that take place on your bed instead of at a desk.

First up: Straight from our favorite new loungewear brand, this linen dress is equally at home for a night spent at home on the couch as

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