The White House gift shop sells coins commemorating Donald Trump defeating COVID-19 and winning election

Talk about premature congratulations.

The White House Gift Shop is already selling coins that commemorate US President Donald Trump defeating COVID-19 — and winning the election.

The gift shop was set up in 1950 but is not the official gift shop of the seat of the Whitehouse.

The coin, which is available for pre-order, is called “President Donald J. Trump Defeats COVID” and is the “final commemorative coin for President Trump’s first term”.

Coin designer and series creator Anthony Gianni said its design was “informed by superhero graphic art”.

“Surrounding President Donald J. Trump is a mythos never before seen in a United States president, a mythos not unlike the Epic of Gilgamesh,” he wrote on The White House Gift Shop site.

“Thus I am pleased to announce a new commemorative that vividly shows President Trump’s historic presidential candidacy win, itself, from his descent on the elevator in Trump Tower,

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