Microsoft Pushes New Accessories To Complement Its Surface Line

Microsoft recently launched its new Surface Laptop Go, filling out its mid-range segment, and it’s got some new accessories to go with it. Or with any other Surface or non-surface set-up. The company reportedly says it is aiming expressly at the home office space with each of the new devices.

The new devices range from new keyboard and mouse add-ons to display accessories. And they range in price from just $24.99 to $69.99. But, regardless of what a user might need, there’s really something for everybody here.

The first of the new surface-ready accessories from Microsoft is, unsurprisingly, a full-size keyboard. Dubbed the Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard, the branding here really says it all. This is a “slim” and “elegant” keyboard add-on that operates on Bluetooth. And Microsoft indicates it can switch quickly between up to three devices.

With this gadget, the biggest seller might not be in the name

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