Sunday Best: A tribute to iconic fashion designer Kenzo Takada, who died last weekend at age 81 from COVID complications

To the list of those souls lost to COVID-19, add the name of the pioneering fashion designer Kenzo Takada, who died this month at a Paris hospital at the age of 81. Takada — whose fashion company was known by his first name, Kenzo — helped bring Japanese fashion to the world, paving the way for many later Japanese designers. Takada, who was one of the first men to attend Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, arrived in Paris in 1964. Initially planning a short stay, he ended up spending the rest of his life there, opening his first store in 1970 and presenting playful, exuberant fashion shows until the 1990s; later, he designed for opera and presented a homewares collection. Here, he’s seen as a young man with Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida in 1977 (she had just awarded him the title of one of the

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Fashion Designer Kenzo Takada Dies Of COVID-19-Related Complications

The Japanese fashion designer who founded Kenzo died from Covid-19 complications yesterday in a hospital near Paris.

A spokesperson for the famed creative confirmed Kenzo Takada’s death just four days after his eponymous brand showed its Spring/Summer 2021 collection at Paris Fashion Week.

Despite leaving the brand in 1999 to enjoy a “permanent holiday”, the 81-year-old was still involved in maintaining Kenzo’s image and working on K3, the luxury homeware and lifestyle brand he introduced last January, almost 50 years after founding fashion brand Jungle Jap, which later became known as Kenzo.

Takada was

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What Happened To Chrissy Teigen? Model Explains Her Pregnancy Complications

Chrissy Teigen’s most devout fans are aware that the model has been on bed rest for the last few weeks due to her pregnancy, but over the weekend, they learned that the 34-year-old’s condition took a scary turn.

On Sunday night, the model shared several videos on her Instagram Story detailing the excessive bleeding that she has experienced throughout her pregnancy, and how it has put her baby boy in a precarious position.

“So, we all know I’ve been on bed rest for a few weeks. And that’s like super serious bed rest, like get up to quickly pee and that’s it. I would take baths twice a week, no showering… I was always, always bleeding,” Teigan began her series of posts.

“I’m about like halfway through pregnancy and the blood has been going on for like a month…maybe a little bit less than a month. But we’re talking like

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