BTS Should Be The Next Major Travis Scott-Style ‘Fortnite’ Concert

Last week, Fortnite joined forces with BTS, the biggest music group in the world, to debut a new choreography video within its Party Royale mode.

It was good, but it wasn’t enough.

What was made very clear from that endeavor was that if there was any group that should be given an even larger stage in Fortnite, the one Travis Scott and Marshemello got in-game with concerts on the main map, it’s BTS.

Right now there are essentially three tiers of Fortnite live events:

There are things like the BTS show, which is just a literal video playing within Fortnite like you’re watching YouTube with some bonus visual effects around it. We’ve also seen things like the Tenet trailer premiere this way before.

Next, there are “live shows” in Party Royale where an actual artist is indeed performing live, usually an EDM artist, putting on a show. Diplo

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