Religious Services Minister Avitan conducts wedding with 60 guests

Religious Services Minister Ya’akov Avitan conducted a wedding Tuesday night with some 60 guests in attendance, in violation of the government’s COVID-19 regulations for the current lockdown. At a wedding in Gan Yavne, Avitan first met with the groom and his family in their home to sign the marriage certificate, and then conducted the wedding itself in front of dozens of guests, Channel 13 News reported.Current government regulations stipulate that no more than 20 people can be present at a wedding, while visiting a private home is under certain circumstances also a violation of the regulations. Avitan apologized for participating in the wedding after the incident was exposed, saying he had been there only for 15 minutes but that “I made an error in judgement and I express my remorse for it.”Shas chairman and Interior Minister Arye Deri described the incident as “severe” and said he had spoken with and
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Manappuram conducts first beauty contest post-lockdown

Deepa Lal from Kerala has won the Manappuram Mrs South India 2020 title. Candida Andrade Halgekar from Karnataka was the first runner-up and Bhavna Rao from Tamil Nadu, the second runner-up.

Chandralekha Nath was crowned Manappuram Miss Queen Kerala — Swetha Jayaram was first runner-up, and Reema Nair, second runner-up.

The third edition of Manappuram Mrs South India and the eighth edition of Manappuram Miss Queen Kerala were conducted simultaneously at SAJ Earth Resorts in Kochi.

This is the first beauty event to be organised in the country since the Covid-19 lockdown. Moreover, this is the first time the possibility of the virtual mode has been fully explored.

The winners of the Miss Queen Kerala were crowned by Pegasus Global MD Jebitha Ajit and the winners of Mrs South India 2020 were crowned by the founder of SCAAS, Shiney Justine.

At least eight women from four South Indian States —

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