Xbox Series X And S Preorder Guide: Console Preorders Sold Out, Accessories Still Available

Next month sees the release of two brand-new Xbox consoles, and retailers are already sold out of preorders for both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The Series X and Series S release November 10 for $500 and $300, respectively, and as of now, it’s proving to be quite challenging to secure either.

Where to preorder the Xbox Series X and Series S

Xbox Series X and Series S preorders were sold out at all major retailers as of our last update. Xbox preorder listings went live at Target, Walmart, Microsoft, GameStop, and other stores on September 22 but sold out as fast as they appeared. You can check the main store listings below in case of availability. In a recent tweet, Xbox urged its followers to sign up with retailers for stock updates and said more consoles will be available on release day.

Preorder Xbox Series

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PS5 controller and accessories will be out before the console in UK

It at least makes for a nice decoration, maybe? (pic: Sony)

One retailer claims that the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controllers will be shipped in the UK ahead of the console itself.

Early PlayStation 5 adopters in the UK will have to wait an extra week after the US, Japan, and other regions but they might receive the DualSense controller ahead of schedule.

According to UK retailer SimplyGames the controller and other accessories, like the HD camera and wireless headset, will be shipped on November 12, the same date that the console will launch in the US, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and South Korea.

The PlayStation 5 won’t be releasing in the UK until November 19, meaning anyone who’s pre-ordered any of these accessories will have them lying about unable to be used for a whole week.

It should be noted that other retailers, like GAME and Amazon, still

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First look at Tesla’s new center console in 2021 Model 3 refresh

After the news of Tesla’s 2021 Model 3 refresh earlier this week, we now get a first look at Tesla’s new center console coming with the update.

Earlier this week, we learned that Tesla is releasing a Model 3 refresh with several updated features.

The new vehicle is listed as a ‘2021’ model year, which is a rare actual model year change for Tesla, and it is starting to roll off the line at Tesla’ Fremont factory.

We have seen the vehicle, but we were not able to share any pictures so we just listed the new features that we could visually confirm.

One of the biggest changes was a new center console and now that more Model 3 vehicles are being produced with the update, some people are starting to spot them.

@jstesla on Twitter shared the first picture revealing the new design:

As we reported earlier this week,

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