COVID-19 could contaminate your clothing

(12 NEWS) – COVID-19 may be able to survive on clothing for as long as two to three days, according to an expert at the University of Arizona.

“Laundry is really more important than you think. It’s just as important as handwashing after you go to the toilet,” said Dr. Charles Gerba, microbiologist and professor at the University of Arizona.

Dr. Charles Gerba said laundry can be contaminated with all sorts of things from bodily fluids to food debris, all of which can be a source for germs.

“Respiratory viruses like cold, flu can survive a couple of days. Some viruses that cause the stomach flu can survive actually for weeks.”

COVID-19 can also survive on laundry.

“Yeah it’s believed it might survive as long as two or three days on clothing,” said Dr. Gerba.

To prevent spreading these illnesses, Doctor Gerba said professional clothing should come off right when

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