H&M will let people convert old clothing items into new ones at Stockholm store

Fast fashion chain H&M wants to turn discarded clothes into something new to wear again — within five hours.

The Looop machine spins yarn from the old garment.

© H&M
The Looop machine spins yarn from the old garment.

The Sweden-based retailer is about to start giving consumers at its Stockholm store the option to turn in used garments that it will then transform into one of three different clothing items.


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Once the program begins Monday, customers will be able to bring in a garment they don’t want, which will be cleaned and put into a machine called Looop. The machine will disassemble it, shredding it into fibers that are then used to create new clothing.

The effort comes amid a rising volume of global clothing waste, and growing concern over fast fashion’s contribution to it.

The company said the recycling process, which can handle more than one garment at a time, doesn’t use water or chemicals

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