Just 49 percent think diversity is a core value


The Hollywood Commission, chaired by Anita Hill, has released the results of its entertainment industry survey on bias. (Photo: FREDERIC J. BROWN, AFP/Getty Images)

A major survey calls for entertainment industry-wide change after revealing that less than half of all respondents (49%) believe diversity and inclusion are core industry values.

The Hollywood Commission report released Thursday further broke down the numbers to show the disparity of thinking between gender and race. For example, 63% of white men said they saw people in the industry welcoming and valuing diverse backgrounds often, compared with 42% of white women and only 27% of Black women.

The findings come with the second part of the industry-wide worker survey, released by the Anita Hill-chaired Hollywood Commission. The report reveals significant differences in perceptions and experiences of bias and inclusion, with the findings urging the industry to make an organizational commitment to diversity.

First part

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