AHC Eye Cream For Face reviews

The world of K-Beauty is packed with famously effective products, but it’s fair to say that some of them may seem a little unusual. From ‘snail slime’ to egg-inspired moisturisers, there’s plenty to be perplexed by when it comes to Korean skincare.

The latest brand to hit our shores has one product with especially weighty cult appeal in its hometown. AHC, a brand that was originally developed for use in aesthetic clinics, sells a tube of its quizzically named Eye Cream For Face every three seconds.


Hydrating Essential Real Eye Cream for Face



So, what exactly is it – and crucially, where does it go? The answer is simpler than the name suggests. Eye Cream For Face is simply a brilliant all-over moisturiser designed with the same gentle hand that an eye cream requires, so it’ll deliver results while respecting sensitive, congested or easily upset skin.

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‘I’m passionate about animals… my new body cream had to be cruelty-free’: How ex-Miss Great Britan Gemma Garrett broke into the beauty business

Developing an organic, cruelty-free beauty product from scratch is no easy feat as local businesswoman and animal lover Gemma Garrett has found out.

he former beauty queen has navigated a minefield of red tape and the challenges of lockdown to create her first own-brand, ethically sourced, environmentally friendly body cream.

The launch of her luxury lotion this week was not exactly the champagne celebration she has planned, thanks to Covid-19 restrictions, but Gemma (39) is still thrilled to finally see over two years of hard work come to fruition.

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Model Bella Hadid visits N.J. for burgers, ice cream and NJ Transit

If you want to be a supermodel in 2020, you don’t have to go without ice cream. Or hamburgers. Of which New Jersey has plenty.

Model Bella Hadid recently enjoyed both during an outing in the Garden State with her friend, Daniel Chetrit.

“This is Bella & Daniel … and you’re watching Diners drive ins and dives: Best Friend Edition,” Hadid, 23, captioned Instagram photos of her trip to White Manna on River Street in Hackensack and Cranberry Junction Cafe on Temple Avenue.

The Hackensack River was visible in the background as Hadid chowed down on some White Manna sliders on the hood of a car in the dispatch to her 33.8 million followers. She posed in front of the famous White Manna sign wearing a face mask and posted a video of an NJ Transit train going past Cranberry Junction, where she sat on the front steps to enjoy

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