How a YouTube creator makes $1,000 each month from thrifting videos

  • Taylor Hawkes is a commercial real estate associate who makes money on the side with a YouTube channel about thrift shopping.
  • Hawkes started regularly posting to her channel in 2019 and now has 20,000 subscribers.
  • She turned her YouTube channel into a paying side-hustle through ad revenue and brand sponsorships. 
  • She spoke with Business Insider about how she monetizes her channel and got sponsorships on her videos.
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This is the latest installment of Business Insider’s YouTube money logs, where creators break down how much they earn.

Thrift is cheap, but making videos about thrift shopping has become lucrative for some creators. 

Taylor Hawkes, 25, works full-time as an associate at a commercial real estate firm, but spends nearly 20 to 25 hours each week creating new videos and content for her YouTube channel and Instagram.

After graduating from the New England Conservatory of Music

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