Ford delays Escape PHEV to 2021 model year after EU recalls

See you… soon, I guess? Maybe? Ford wasn’t exactly clear.


Delays are never fun, but sometimes, they are in the best interest of every party. After having to recall some of its plug-in hybrid vehicles in Europe, it appears a hotly anticipated US model will show up to the party a little later than Ford had hoped.

Ford is shifting production of the Escape Plug-In Hybrid until the 2021 model year, according to the automaker. “We are moving full scale production of Escape PHEV to the 2021 model year,” a Ford spokesperson said in an emailed statement to Roadshow. “The first Escape PHEVs will be sold next year.”

That’s not necessarily the interesting part. As of two weeks ago, Ford Authority reported that Escape PHEV models would begin production in January 2021 while, according to the report, still being sold under the 2020 model year. It’s unclear whether or

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Why you should start now to avoid delivery delays

TAMPA, Fla. — Retail experts say it is smart to start your holiday shopping as early as October because of an expected surge in online ordering due to social distancing trends.

Shopping and trends experts like Sara Skirboll with RetailMeNot said with families being home more often, you can expect families to be purchasing more toys and electronics, as well as office and virtual classroom supplies. This is opposed to trends in previous years where families leaned on more experience-based gifts.

Additionally, with the pandemic causing so many families to stay home more often versus shop in brick-and-mortar stores, Skirboll said more families are planning to shop online this holiday season, which could cause a slow-down in getting your gifts out.

She said it’s critical to start getting your holiday shopping lists in place as early as this week to help avoid possible shipping delays.

“Start early,” Skirboll said. “Start

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