Des Moines native Abbie Eichman died at 36


A Cubs fan, the “flower lady,” husbands, wives, and more are part of the more than 1,400 Iowans lost COVID-19 as of early October 2020.

Des Moines Register

The turtle figurine on Abbie Eichman’s work desk always faced north.

If it were skewed in any other direction, Abbie knew someone had visited. And that meant she probably needed to tidy up.

Abbie was equally meticulous at home, where she fashioned a labeled box for every pair of her shoes and rotated them through her closet based on the season. She never bored of clothes either, routinely selling old pieces and buying new ones to complement her collection of designer bags.

Now, Abbie’s parents, Bret and Caroyle Andrews, find themselves slowly making their way through their only daughter’s massive wardrobe. 

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Bret and Caroyle Andrews lost their daughter Abbie Eichman to COVID-19. Caroyle said, “She was the most giving

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