DFO Community Corrections explores new probation model

The three-county probation system has been asked by the National Institute of Corrections, which is part of the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, to determine the feasibility of adopting a probation model called dosage probation.

“The theory of dosage, it’s not time-based, it’s programming-based,” said James Johnson, community services supervisor for DFO Community Corrections. “You complete the prescribed amount of programming, and once you meet a specific amount of hours, then you are eligible for discharge of probation. It’s really the amount of programs, homework, interventions that you participate in.”

Traditional probation, or how people traditionally think of probation, is time-based. Somebody may be convicted of a certain offense and when they go to be sentenced, they are sentenced to a set amount of time of probation, Johnson said.

During the next year, DFO Community Corrections, as well as stakeholders throughout the criminal justice system, will meet

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